We make AI-driven financial services on the decentralized ecosystem.


ZEROONE AI is challenging the World Financial Empires. We make financial services as inferencing new value based on the AI-driven analysis. Through Uncertainty Quantification, we focus on creating an interpretable artificial intelligence. And we define the NEW NORMAL of decentralized finance and strive to move forward.


AI.cryp : AI-powered Crypto Trading and Wealth Management, B2B2C solution


ZOAI : On-premise Deep Learning SaaS, B2B solution


NextAI 2018 cohort, 2Million CAP SAFE(Simple Agreement for Future Equity), invested and supported by

DMZ program member and our first Toronto office   ||    Dedicated FinTech program, 'wework labs' member for Seoul office

Selected as IBM Innovation Incubator (I3) program member, U$120,000 free credit supported by

Legal Assistance, supported by 

Co-managing and developing dApp tech, 'Decentralized Applications' course in School Of AI 

Demo Station at Scotiabank

Selected as NVIDIA Inception Program Member for AI Startup. Thanks Jensen for Titan XP!

2018 cohort, Y Combinator Startup School, Advisor Track

Speaker, 'AI & Uncertainty in Finance' at ReWork AI in Finance Summit, New York 2018


Advisors, NEXT Canada